Hello and thanks for checking out TheRenewableGeneration.com.  I’ve been interested in renewable energy, green technologies, and environmental sustainability for years and I’m excited to share my passion for them with you.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working in the renewable energy industry constructing wind farms and energy storage facilities.

Over the years, I’ve kept up on current events through articles and videos and have learned about some of the great things people are doing all over the world.  So I wanted to create a place where this information could be shared, discussed, and possibly lead to solving some of the challenges we are facing in this day and age, whether it’s locally or on a global scale.

Despite some naysayers, climate change has been accepted as a reality and we are already seeing a significant shift in how we generate electricity, treat the environment, and live our lives.  There is still much more that needs to be done to establish a balance between human activity and nature.  Past generations have laid the foundation to make this a reality.  The torch has been passed onto us now and I believe it is our opportunity to make this The Renewable Generation.