Why are Rechargeable Batteries so Expensive?


Batteries are commonplace these days. They have been for decades, but even more so now that many technological advancements have been made that even further cause batteries to be used. And now that the number of devices using batteries has grown so large, rechargeable batteries are more prevalent than ever. But whether they’re rechargeable double A’s for something like an Xbox controller, or a rechargeable battery for your smart phone, the price tag isn’t always the cheapest.

Why are rechargeable batteries so expensive? Rechargeable batteries are so expensive for the fact that the material is going to have to last, so more expensive materials will need to be used in the manufacturing process. Whether for a technological device or typical batteries for other things, rechargeable batteries will always have a bigger price tag.

Without using the necessary materials to make the batteries rechargeable, batteries are actually still not a cheap item. Sure, if you go to the store and buy the cheapest brand, the purchase will be cost-effective. But those batteries will not last as long as other disposable batteries that are name brand. Now bring in rechargeable options, the manufacturer wants to make them, so they last for the long run, so they naturally have to compensate for the price differential.

Weighing the Differences Between Disposable and Rechargeable

It is going to be a choice between throwing away batteries that are done and being able to throw them on the charger and keep using them. I think the most important part of this decision is how much you use batteries. Do you have multiple devices that are constantly running through batteries? Then rechargeable will be the better choice. If you don’t require a bunch of batteries for multiple devices, disposable may be the better one.

It’s going to be better for the environment both ways. If you need to use disposable batteries, it’s best to have enough on-hand when you need them and dispose of them properly. Since you won’t need to constantly run through them and find a way to dispose of them, it will make things easier to manage. If you have some remotes laying around or a little one with a few toys that need batteries, disposable is probably the best choice.

Now, if you’re a person with a bunch of different devices that all constantly need fully-charged batteries, then go with the rechargeable. If you’re constantly swapping out batteries (and there are plenty of people who do), then use a reliable brand of rechargeable batteries so that they are dependable. The better brands are going to cost a little more, but the long life of the pricier options will compensate for the extra money spent.

Do your research to find reliable brands and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on rechargeable batteries. When it comes to smart devices, a lot of them have a manufactured battery that will only work with that device or brand. In those situations, there isn’t a way around buying a new, specific battery if the old one goes bad. In fact, these are situations where, if you come across a knock-off, it is better to spend the extra money on the original brand of the battery.

Finding the Reliable Rechargeable Batteries

There are going to be tons of options to weed through in the marketplace. Luckily, a quick Google search can assist in helping you to find the reliable brands. Or we can help assist with that too, by giving you a short list of rechargeable brands that are going to be long-lasting. By picking the brand that ranks best, you can save yourself money and headaches. Money because you won’t have to keep buying the batteries, headaches because you won’t find yourself frustrated when you can’t quickly grab charged batteries for the device you’re using.

The options below are for batteries that can be used in multiple devices. Such as:

  • AA
  • AAA
  • C
  • D

These are the brands that have been shown to have the most success. The charge lasts, they also recharge faster, the life of the battery as a whole is longer, and these options do their best to be cost-effective.

Panasonic Eneloop Pro

These bad boys can endure 500 recharge cycles, so they are going to last. That’s what you need, a reliable rechargeable battery that can handle being recharged many times. Especially when swapping batteries constantly, you would be surprised how 500 recharges can eventually pass you by. And although this will be your pricier option compared to others, they are going to be the ones that outlive the cheaper options. You can also buy the pro starter pack, which comes with your battery charger as well.

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries

Amazon has everything, doesn’t it? Now they traffic in rechargeable batteries, and their option is one of the best. If you are trying to find that reliable option that has the best price for what you get, these are the ones to choose from. They may not be quite as good as the Panasonic option, but they are close. Where the quality of the batteries is a little less with Amazon’s option, they make up for with a price that is going to rank in a little lower.

EBL Rechargeable Batteries

If you’re in the market for the option that is going to give you the best charge, this is going to be a great option. With a price that rests between Amazon and Panasonic, the EBL rechargeable batteries will give you a charge that lasts longer than other options. These actually may be the all-around best option, since the price tag is a little lower than the Panasonic batteries. Plus, they provide a whopping 1200 recharge cycles. EBL is doing a lot of work to corner the rechargeable battery market, and they are doing a pretty great job so far.

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

For those on a budget, Energizer does provide another great option for rechargeable batteries. Since the price is going to be lower, the recharge cycles and the life of a charge is going to be lower. But you will save money in the end, so if the batteries eventually need to be replaced, they can be swapped for the same rechargeables. But that does not mean this isn’t a reliable brand; Energizer still brings the same reliability to their rechargeable products.

Most of the options that we’ve listed above will have an initial package you can purchase that will provide you with the charger itself. Then you can keep using that same charger to keep your batteries alive. Always make sure you have a charger for the batteries. Luckily, having a charger can allow you to get more or replace the same batteries if they go bad. The more rechargeable batteries you have, the easier it is to consistently swap them out if you’re using them all the time.

To Conclude

Rechargeable batteries are an option that boils down to the consistency of battery use for you personally. As we’ve mentioned, many devices that require many batteries regularly will provide the perfect opportunity to utilize rechargeable batteries. The options that we’ve provided are all good options; the choice comes down to the specific features of each option, such as:

  • Battery life
  • Price
  • Recharge cycles

With all the options that exist in the marketplace, our hope is that we have served to narrow down the choices to some that don’t have to keep you wondering why rechargeable batteries are so expensive.

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